We are thrilled to showcase our website development project for Monocon, where we undertook the ambitious task of replatforming their existing website from Joomla to Webflow. Our collaboration involved not only migrating the site but also creating a new website including a new product listing page and implementing fresh layouts throughout the entire website.




December 2023
Replatform / Redesign


Our primary objective was to transform Monocon's online presence by replatforming their website from Joomla to the more dynamic and visually appealing Webflow. Simultaneously, we aimed to enhance the user experience and showcase the client's extensive range of products through a meticulously designed product listing page.

We implemented a well-organised navigation system to facilitate easy exploration of Monocon's services, products, and industries served. Through engaging visuals, compelling content, and clear calls-to-action, we guided users to relevant information, encouraging further interaction with Monocon's offerings.

A key focus was the integration of a comprehensive product listing page. Each product is presented with detailed descriptions, accompanied by images and relevant technical specifications, providing potential clients with a comprehensive understanding of Monocon's capabilities. Additionally, we introduced new layouts throughout the website to modernise its overall look and feel.

Mobile responsiveness and performance were paramount considerations. We ensured that the website delivers an optimal user experience across all devices.


We take great pride in the successful completion of this website replatforming project for Monocon. The new website not only reflects their expertise but also positions them as industry leaders, attracting potential clients and reinforcing their online presence.